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Art and Antiques, Rugs & Carpets
Venue address
Fuchstanzstraße 14 & 33
Art and Antiques, Rugs & Carpets

Auction dates
Jan 25, 2020 02:00 PM CET
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There are 619 lots within this auction
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UNSIGNED (XVII - XVIII). Floral still life.
UNSIGNED (XVIII). '' The oyster eater ''.
Klaes MOLENAER (c.1630 - c.1676). Drainage moles. 1655.
UNSIGNED (XVIII - XIX). Port workers with bales on a quay.
CHURCH PAINTER (XVIII). Marcus, John, Matthew.
After François BOUCHER (1703 - 1770). Lovers.<
UNSIGNED (XVII - XVIII). Dutch school. Large market scene.
UNSIGNED (XVIII / XIX). 4 portraits. Oval.
UNSIGNED (XVIII - XIX). Joseph is sold to Egypt.
UNSIGNED (XVIII). Mary in front of the empty cross.
UNSIGNED (XVII - XVIII). Portrait of a tradesman.
Wilhelm I RÖGGE (1829-1908). Room with gentlemen.<
Emmanuel BACHRACH-BARÉE (1863 - 1943). Lady in a park.<
Paul CONZELMANN (1898 - 1977). Abstract composition, 1956.
UNSIGNED (XIX). Ladies portrait.
INDISTINCTLY SIGNED (XX). Ducks at the pond.
Ludwig SCKELL (1833 - 1912). Mountain stream in the Alps.
J. RICHTER (XIX). The flautist.
Melchior FRITSCH (1826-1889). Grazing cows by a pond.
Ida CLAUSS (XIX - XX). "Kinder am Bach", 1902.
Cornelis SPRINGER (1817-1891). Vegetable stall. 1882
DUTCH IMPRESSIONIST (XIX-XX). Seamstress in Frisian attire.
PORTRAITIST (XX). Portrait of a lady.
UNSIGNED (XVIII-XIX). Mother with son cooking.
Zina SOTINA (1947 -). ''Brothers and sisters 1989''.
CHIKO (1967-). Untitled, 1998.
FRANZ BUNKE (1857-1939). "Moonrise"
RUSSIAN SCHOOL (XX). Orthodox monastery in winter.
Hermann GABLER (1908-1977). "Unterm Matterhorn".
Johann HOLMSTEDT (1851 - 1929). Norwegian fjord.
Carl BERTOLD (1870 -?) '' Raftsund ''.
P. VAUQUER (1917 -). Floral still life.
Léon Victor DUPRÉ (1816 - 1879). Grazing cattle.<b
Erich STADLER (XX - XXI). Port. Probably Liguria, Italy.
UNSIGNED (XIX). Winter in the Netherlands. River.
Hans HERRMANN (1858 - 1942). Sorting the catch.
H. LACHNIT (XIX). Roe deer on the torrent.
Albert SAVERYS (1886 - 1964). "La lys en hiver"
L. PINITASIS? (XIX). Anglers in front of city.
Tadeusz CIESIULEWICZ (1936 - 1997). ''Centaur I'', 1978.
Hannes HARRS (1927 - 2006). "Tin Kings Sceptre I", 1992.
Hannes HARRS (1927 - 2006). ''Kalahari'.